Regional Occupation List for TSS Visa


 If your occupation falls in the below list (and your work is within the designated regional areas) or the Medium and Long term list for TSS visa or Short term list for TSS visa you may be eligible to apply for a TSS visa.

Regional Occupation List

Item Column 1Occupation Column 2ANZSCO code Column 3Assessing authority
1 aquaculture farmer 121111 VETASSESS
2 cotton grower 121211 VETASSESS
3 fruit or nut grower 121213 VETASSESS
4 grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus)/field crop grower (NZ) 121214 VETASSESS
5 mixed crop farmer 121216 VETASSESS
6 sugar cane grower 121217 VETASSESS
7 crop farmers (nec) 121299 VETASSESS
8 beef cattle farmer 121312 VETASSESS
9 dairy cattle farmer 121313 VETASSESS
10 deer farmer 121314 VETASSESS
11 goat farmer 121315 VETASSESS
12 horse breeder 121316 VETASSESS
13 mixed livestock farmer 121317 VETASSESS
14 pig farmer 121318 VETASSESS
15 sheep farmer 121322 VETASSESS
16 livestock farmers (nec) 121399 VETASSESS
17 mixed crop and livestock farmer 121411 VETASSESS
18 public relations manager 131114 AIM
19 policy and planning manager 132411 VETASSESS
20 project builder 133112 VETASSESS
21 procurement manager 133612 AIM
22 medical administrator 134211 VETASSESS
23 regional education manager 134412 VETASSESS
24 sports administrator 139915 VETASSESS
25 caravan park and camping ground manager 141211 VETASSESS
26 post office manager 142115 VETASSESS
27 amusement centre manager 149111 VETASSESS
28 fitness centre manager 149112 VETASSESS
29 sports centre manager 149113 VETASSESS
30 cinema or theatre manager 149912 VETASSESS
31 financial institution branch manager 149914 VETASSESS
32 human resource adviser 223111 VETASSESS
33 workplace relations adviser 223113 VETASSESS
34 policy analyst 224412 VETASSESS
35 liaison officer 224912 VETASSESS
36 market research analyst 225112 VETASSESS
37 aeroplane pilot 231111 CASA
38 flying instructor 231113 VETASSESS
39 helicopter pilot 231114 CASA
40 ship’s master 231213 AMSA
41 multimedia designer 232413 VETASSESS
42 wine maker 234213 VETASSESS
43 conservation officer 234311 VETASSESS
44 exercise physiologist 234915 VETASSESS
45 vocational education teacher 242211 See subsection (2)
46 environmental health officer 251311 VETASSESS
47 dentist 252312 ADC
48 anaesthetist 253211 MedBA
49 intellectual property lawyer 271214 VETASSESS
50 translator 272413 NAATI
51 community arts worker 272611 VETASSESS
52 agricultural technician 311111 VETASSESS
53 operating theatre technician 311214 VETASSESS
54 pathology collector 311216 AIMS
55 construction estimator 312114 VETASSESS
56 surveying or spatial science technician 312116 VETASSESS
57 mechanical engineering draftsperson 312511 Engineers Australia
58 safety inspector 312611 VETASSESS
59 maintenance planner 312911 VETASSESS
60 building and engineering technicians (nec) 312999 (a) VETASSESS; or(b) Engineers Australia
61 vehicle painter 324311 TRA
62 floor finisher 332111 TRA
63 electrical linesworker 342211 TRA
64 zookeeper 361114 VETASSESS
65 nurseryperson 362411 TRA
66 gas or petroleum operator 399212 TRA
67 dental hygienist 411211 VETASSESS
68 dental therapist 411214 VETASSESS
69 emergency service worker 441211 VETASSESS
70 driving instructor 451211 VETASSESS
71 funeral workers (nec) 451399 VETASSESS
72 flight attendant 451711 VETASSESS
73 first aid trainer 451815 VETASSESS
74 jockey 452413 TRA
75 clinical coder 599915 VETASSESS
76 property manager 612112 VETASSESS
77 real estate representative 612115 VETASSESS

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